URBANICA is an architectural firm set up by Julien SCHNELL, comprising Architects, Town Planners and Landscape Designers.
The primary aim of URBANICA is the successful integration of environmental sustainability issues within local requirements and individual project details. URBANICA delivers this primary requirement through: Architectural Design, Town and urban Planning, Transport Projects, Landscape Design.

Town Planning

Town planning, transport projects, urban and landscape design. Comprehensive proposals are developed and assessed through research compliance with local Town Planning criteria and territory issues.


Residential buildings, commercial spaces and offices, public facilities, bridges.
Quality project designs are produced to be innovative, functional and adapted to their surroundings. Materials and finishes are specified and designed to reflect the urban context of scale, texture and detail. These objectives direct the evolution of our architectural and urban solutions, whereby the enhancement of project aesthetics and functionalism is determined within ecological boundaries.


The sensual perception of different textures and materials allow us to provide a precise view of the details and finishing touches, thereby enabling a strong link between the different design scales to be maintained.

Latest news

Our dynamic and committed team is working on a wide range of scales, from town planning, landscape and urban design, to architectural and design projects.

Selected key references

One of the main motivations of the Urbanica office is to enhance the interaction between projects at all levels: global, local and in detail. Therefore, every subject is developed with an overall vision, thus creating high quality functional and innovative projects.