Asnières-sur-Seine (92)

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Asnières-sur-Seine (92)

Urban renewal of a shopping street
Project management competition
Project management competition to redesign the city’s main shopping street. Optimizing the pedestrian use of public spaces and the different modes of transportations despite the street’s narrowness. A new 30 km/h zone, wider sidewalks, urban spaces of social interaction and a renewed identity.

Client :
City of Asnières-sur-Seine
City of Bois-Colombes

Project Management :
URBANICA, architects & town planners (lead firm)
Format Paysage, Landscape architects
Atelier Coup d’Éclat, lighting
BeA groupe Pingat, infrastructure engineering consultant
Ceryx, traffic engineering consultant
Res publica; public consultation
Operating Area :
850 m
2,6 M excl. tax