Paris (75)

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Paris (75)

Renovation work of public pedestrian spaces

Renovation works of public pedestrian spaces in the Front de Seine area
The Front de Seine area was built on a slab during the 1960s and 70s, including the principles of modern architecture, especially the vertical zoning of the different functions and the separation between pedestrian and car traffic.
The project intends to renovate the pedestrian esplanade in the Western Berenice area while all coatings will be replaced to create new urban and green spaces. The visual and functional aspects of the slab should be improved to create new spaces with visible and direct connections between the Seine River and the nearby districts.

Client :
SEM PariSeine

Project Management :
URBANICA, architects & town planners
SLG, landscape architects
Grontmij, engineering consultant
Operating Area :
1 ha – 4 M€ excl. tax