Seine-et-Marne (77)

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Seine-et-Marne (77)

T ZEN 2 Sénart-Melun
Rapid Transit Bus between Melun and Lieusaint
Project management support for a Rapid Transit Bus which connects five towns in the Seine-and-Marne area: Melun, Vert-Saint-Denis, Cesson, Savigny and Lieusaint. Redevelopment of 19 km of public spaces (squares, roads, multimodal terminals), design of bus stops and street furniture, more space given to pedestrians and bicycles, landscape design.
Architectural, urban and landscape development, considering the related projects in the nearby areas (eco-districts, hospitals, residential zones…)

Client :
Seine-et-Marne General Council

Project Management :
URBANICA, architects & town planners
Segic, engineering consultant
Setec Its, engineering consultant
Operating Area :
19 km – 130 M€ excl. tax