Urban Community of Lyon (69)

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Urban Community of Lyon (69)

Service spaces and break room

Construction of a service building including a break room
The newly constructed service building including the drivers’ break room is well integrated in the surrounding park designed by Atelier De Ville En Ville. The simplicity and elegance of the building volume along with its location between the tram lanes provide the impression of a discrete work which is adapted to its environment.
The building is designed on three levels, of which two are situated underground. The volume is thus very compact to reduce its visual influence on the site but also its thermal and financial requirements. Therefore, a possible structural and technical rationalisation was studied to guarantee the building’s functionality and sustainability, both essential in current projects.

Client :

Project Management  :
Setec, engineering consultant
SYSTRA, engineering consultant
URBANICA, architects & town planners
Operating Area :
400 m² net floor area – 625 000 € excl. tax