Presentation of the team members

The URBANICA Office was founded in 2007 by Julien SCHNELL, architect DPLG.
Julien SCHNELL was responsible for the “infrastructure and urban development” section within the Parisian agency Reichen & Robert for nearly 7 years before creating Urbanica. His wide range of experience covers all conceptual scales from urban planning, architecture to furniture design.
He has lengthy experience in challenging urban projects (various urban studies, chief architect missions, master plans, urban redevelopments, …), in the management of complex projects related to mobility (numerous projects of tram lines and BRT throughout France …), for large urban restructuring projects (city centre renewals, urban and landscaping design) and in many architectural projects (offices, housing, infrastructures, public facilities and hospitals).
DPLG Architect, Director
Julien SCHNELL is a DPLG Architect and Urbanist, graduated from the Nancy National School of Architecture. He also holds a diploma in European Culture Studies from the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine.
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Christelle AMBROSI
DPLG Architect, Landscape Designer
Christelle AMBROSI is a DPLG Architect, graduated from the Paris La Seine School of Architecture in 1998 and holds a diploma in Landscape Design Training from Chaumont sur Loire.
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Benoît SALLE
HMONP Architect and Civil Engineer
Benoît SALLE is a HMONP Architect, graduated from the Brittany School of Architecture in 2013, and holds a diploma of Civil and Urban Engineering since 2010.
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DE Architect
Hélène RICOUP is a DE Architect, graduated from the Strasbourg School of Architecture in 2017.
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Landcsape Designer
Grégoire ROUCHIER is Landscape Designer, graduated from the Versailles National School of Landscape Architecture in 2017.
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Martin LUCAS
DPLG Architect
Martin LUCAS is a DPLG Architect, graduated from the Paris Belleville School of Architecture in 2007.
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Management assistant
Aline MARTINS holds a BTS in business communication since 2007.
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Former employees:
Ange BANGORET – Yory BAPTE – Christina BARDALES – Silvia BASENGHI – Aïcha BENABDERRAZIK – Cécilia BIAGGI-PEGLION – Olga BICHURINA – Gilberto BONELLI – Dhouha BOUALLAGUI – Jean-Baptiste BRIQUELER – Aurélie BRUGUET – Khedija CHAABANE – Shufen CHEN – Valérie CLAIRET – Marion COSSART – Margueritte D’ABOVILLE – Irène DELAVICTOIRE – Stéphanie DENNIELOU-BURDIN – Marie-Sophie DEVAUX – David DRAHI – Charles ENYEDI – Nicolas FOUCHER – Damien GANDON – Claire-Sophie HOFFMANN – Nathalie KISA – Marion LAMBERT – Pauline LAMPERIER – Karina LAMRAOUI – Ludovic LEGRAND – Laurence LORENZO – Charlotte MALPEL – Joseph MATTA – Mathieu MICHELL – Christelle MONNIER – Paul NADREAU – Cécile NGUYEN – Anna PEREZ – Cindy POUNIANDY – Laetitia SAMAIN – Delphine SAMAIN – Isabelle TURCK – Thomas VERMARE – Ina WEBER – Malika ZEDEK